Pokémon Icon Set 01, Animation

Lots of exciting news this week, with events like The Apple WWDC and E3 happening. Looking forward to Nintendo Direct @ E3, which is happening in a few hours. Really excited! I made this icon set in anticipation for whatever news they have for Pokémon X Y, and any other plans for Generation 6.

Pokemon Icon Set 01

I wanted them to look like app icons, if they were to exist as apps in the smartphones of the Pokemon world.

Bonus! I tried making one of the icons move for some animation practice.

Pokémon Get! from Gab Madrid on Vimeo.

I’m thinking of making more sets, too. There are still a lot things that can still be designed and used as icons. Come to think of it, what is the Pokemon equivalent of a smartphone? The C Gear? The Xtransceiver? What about older, obsolete phone-equivalent models, like the Pokégear from Generation 2? HMMM…

7 thoughts on “Pokémon Icon Set 01, Animation

      1. It’s a new german Pokémon-Encyclopedia and we need a good app-icon. I failed myself by creating one; yours is much more professional! 😉

          1. Well, i think i can give you a link, so you can see our logo: salami.rpg-aces.de Would be nice, if you answered! 🙂

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