Rob Cham Portrait Trade!

Earlier this year, Rob started this thing where he would trade portraits with other artists. (He was half tempted to call them Portrades. I thought he should. It sounds cool, right?) I contacted him a few weeks ago and decided to go for it! I’ve seen Rob distort his name to Robocham a few times, so I got an idea from that. Here’s a few sketches from my process:


And here’s what I finally came up with:


Th title is a reference to Mega Man Legends (obvs). With this whole Mega Man thing going on with the illustration, I thought I could insert a few small eggs around the illustration:

His life meter is a reference to his famous Helvetiburger shirt:

Photo of Rob pilfered from his Facebook profile. Photo by Patricia Nabong


And I put a little Servbot version of my face near my signature.



And, here’s the portrait of me that he did. Most excellent.


 You can see the rest of Rob Cham’s Portrait Trades this year on his Facebook page here! Or here!